Corporate Social Responsibility


Sustainability at Purepet means the integration of social, environmental and economical concerns, in its business operations and core strategy. Purepet's holistic vision is to make efficient and sustainable use of human and natural resources. The ultimate goal is resource-efficient production without any loss of water and materials, with the help of renewable energies and with sustainable, recyclable materials in a friendly working environment.

"For Purepet Polymers, Corporate Social Responsibility refers to honesty and sincerity in all business operations. We ensure environmental protection in all that we do. We do not tolerate corruption and dishonest business operations and we aim to ensure that every employee is genuinely proud to be a part of our company"

- Ayush Poddar, CEO & Founder, Purepet Polymers


We at Purepet care for the Environment in the following manner -

  • Safe production of quality products with environmental protection as primary focus.
  • Reduced consumption of electricity alongside an overall increase in production.
  • Harvesting of Waste water and rain water.
  • Planting saplings in waste PET Bottles.


We at Purepet care for our people in the following manner -

  • Our employees are our most valuable asset therefore we ensure continuous training and competence development for all.
  • We provide safe working environment for all our employees
  • We do not tolerate discrimination, sexual harassment, child labour or forced labour under any circumstances, and we believe that these should be prevented at all costs.


We at Purepet care for the Society in the following manner -

  • Participation in social activities and supporting local community activities around our factory units.
  • Supporting education at a local institute situated at Jhargram, West Bengal, known as 'Friends of Tribals Society.'
  • Donation of food to people.

As an environmentally ethical company, we are aware of our responsibilities. Our identity is shaped by fairness, honest partnerships and respectful actions. The equal treatment of all people and law-abiding behaviour are also of vital importance to us.
Purepet Polymers is a family-owned business that seeks balanced profitable growth and reinforced ethical practices by establishing and expanding strategic partnerships. The sustainable, environmentally conscious use of resources is the basis of our business activities, ensuring that future generations can also live in a healthy environment.

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